My summer in Taipei


It’s time that I finally do a post on my summer in Taipei. There is so much to do, explore and eat in Taipei. I would say that the city itself is a hidden gem in Asia. For those of you who may not know where Taipei is, it’s an island near Hong Kong in Asia. I generally had a great time exploring this city and I would definitely recommend anyone going to Taipei. Here are some of my highlights when exploring this city.

Taipei 101

Head to Taipei 101 for a magnificent view of the districts in Taipei. Make sure you go on a clear, sunny day if you are viewing during the day. Alternatively, hike the Elephant Mountain for breath taking views of the city and its free!

Eating ice cream on the 89th floor!
Why not embark on the Maokong Gondola? It’s another great way to see the city in a different perspective. Don’t miss the tea plantation especially if you love tea.

Maokong Gondola

If you’re after a bit of history, take the MRT to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and National Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall to discover the history of Taipei.


Shilin Market
You can never (yes, never) go hungry in Taipei. It’s impossible to when there are so many places to eat and options to choose from. Dine at the famous Din Tai Fung, best known for dumplings!  There are several night markets, but one not to miss is Shilin Night Market in the North of Taipei. It’s the largest night market.

Din Tai Fung
Tamsui also offers a variety of Taipei eats. When you’re there, buy a jumbo ice cream from the stall.

Jumbo ice cream
These are some of the highlights of my trip and it was amazing to taste different foods that I’ve never tried before as well as experiencing the culture.

Elephant Mountain
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments regarding the trip and I would be happy to share.

Keep exploring,




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