Whilst walking on the cobbled streets of Canterbury, we were thinking of what we were going to have for dinner and suddenly an explosion of well-known as well as independent restaurants blossomed into our minds.  At first, it was certainly difficult to sift through the choices suggested but with a little stroll down the pavement, and a little skimming of the menu, a decision was made.

Italian, it is. As Google puts it: “A rustic Italian dining room decorated with paintings of Italian harbours and serving a seasonal menu.” It is also what I would describe it.

For starter, we had homemade fish cakes – sea bass fish cakes served with a salad dressing. Crispy and soft on the inside.

Onto the main course… We had home made tricolori tagliatelle with mussels, prawns and scallops with a touch of fresh cherry tomatoes in a saffron sauce. Not too filling but sastified.

To top it all off, I opted for a pistachio ice cream. Not much to add about the ice cream other than the smooth texture and the pistachio flavour melting away.

On the other hand, in true Italian style, you would be ordering tiramisu for dessert. Unfortunately, one not a fan of coffee, had to decline the option. According to my cousin, this tiramisu was delicious. Italian biscuits soaked in coffee and layered with mascarpone cream.

Special thank you to my cousin for this amazing meal; had a fabulous time in Canterbury.


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