The Breakfast Club


Feeling ever so excited about Mardi Gras has led me to wonder that there is one (and more) pancake houses that I've not paid a visit to, and one of them being – The Breakfast Club. It should be mentioned that not only do they serve breakfast (duh), they also serve lunch and dinner. 

In fact, my visit was rather spontaneous. Due to the high volumes of pancake diners alike, many restaurants demanded me to stand under the cold, grey clouds and stomach rumbling… Yes, I was not happy about this… but nonetheless, everyone was here for pancakes. 

I should say the specials were difficult to choose – ranging from Lemon Meringue to a decadent Triple Chocolate. However, one with "an air of undecided fashion" (gosh Pride and Prejudice got me)  finally stuck to the one and only stack, Salted Caramel Banoffee. 

Our pancakes swiftly landed on our table and it was a lovely stack, especially the salted caramel sauce that really complimented the pancakes, but I must say the pancakes were rather average. 

On the other hand, my lovely campanion went for pancakes with berries. Simple, but just as marvellous I believe. 

Overall, I felt overwhelmed with the generous stack of the pancakes but I guess my stomach was fulfilled. 


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