British Museum

You never know what it’s like until you actually pay a visit to one of the grandest museums in the world…


Having only really visited the British Museum a few times since it is “technically not within my radius”, but until one day, I decided to embark on one special mission.

To find Rameses II. Ozymandias.

Why did I visit the museum for only a sole purpose, you may ask? To wonder whether I did managed to find the precious, most mightiest statue is the question. Perhaps it is understandable that all statues in the museum was just rather ubiquitous to a teen living in the 21st Century. Nevertheless, onto the next focus…

Currencies – both modern and ancient…




Monumental Carillon Clock, 1589.

Very intricately designed by Habrecht, in which every hour, a piece of music (‘Our Father’) is played. Whilst the carousel indicates the days of the week.

Since the then current exhibition was American Dream: Pop to Present, it also offered some American themed rocky roads – perhaps 4th July came early?


Finally to finish my visit, I was left to ponder on one of wittiest quotes by Lord Tennyson:

‘And let thy feet millenniums hence be set in midst of knowledge.’ 

Side note: Do read one of the poems by Tennyson – ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade”

For more information. visit:



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