Dinner at Dozo

So… you're in South Kensington. Sweating uncontrollably especially during these hot, ridiculous summer temperatures (though part of me would like to experience summer) and of course, stomach rumbling for food. Food of not just any kind, the kind that makes you (and your stomach) feel satisfied. Whether you've just been visiting the Science Museum or marvelling at the amazing artworks at Serpentine Gallery, you're bound to feel hungry.

After searching on Google for some dinner recommendations, we decided to head to Dozo – a few minutes walk from South Kensington station. Once arrived, the restaurant was incredibly busy and I guess I've learnt to realise queueing is mandatory regardless of your hunger situation. However, it was not until a few moments that we were called to be seated.

We honestly had some fine Japanese food there – an amazing selection of unique dishes and bentos in which we were rather impressed of the standard.


Not only was the food delicious, even the plates and cutleries brought quite a true authentic Japanese style and that takes fine dining a bit further.


Right, all these photograph-staring has made my stomach rumble and I hope you're also able to experience the Japanese fine dining on your visit to Dozo.

Thank you to the team at Dozo for a lovely meal.

For more information, please visit:




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