Hampstead Explore

Strolling through the leafy greens of Hampstead brought me a sense of tranquility and peace. A quick escape from the busy, hectic Central London. Though not very far from the central (a half an hour tube journey), I was transformed into a quiet neighbourhood.

Here’s what I got up to on the very fine, Summer’s day.

It all started weaving through the beautiful streets and mews, which eventually took us to Flask Walk. Featuring vintage shops, restaurants and more, I was delighted to stop at Oddono’s for a scoop or two of gelato. I mean… It’s very rare that the weather in the United Kingdom understands Summer, but on such an occasion, a combination of biscotti and pistachio gelato under the 26 degrees heat was very fine by me.

Gelato at Oddono’s


You picture me holding a scrumptious cone of this beautiful concoction of biscotti and pistachio gelato on one hand (slowing melting under the boiling heat) and then trying to ‘juggle’ between my sunglasses and of course, the phone to capture this  obligatory shot above. It was an adventure inside an adventure… Confused?

Anyways, onto my next mission of exploring through Hampstead. Our next stop was to wander around the magnificent 17th Century private residence, tucked away in the leaf greens of this neighbourhood, that is Kenwood House. An extravagant house featuring wonderful artworks and intricate architecture, and surrounded by a gorgeous garden with a view.

Let me not say further than to present you with a few visuals:


So, that concludes our highlights! Do take some time to head somewhere unusual and different from your usual encounter and you’ll be greeted with tranquility and peace or a fascination maybe.


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