Pergola On The Roof

Yes. You may be thinking days are getting shorter, temperatures are already starting to plummet to a negative, single digit numeral (though the weather app tries to convince you it’s 8 degrees when in reality, it is probably -20 degrees), but should that stop you from enjoying the countless festivities around the urban city? Perhaps think again.

Whilst there are many spectacular festive, winter pop-up scenes and that the list may be endless, Pergola brings a touch of summer with its aesthetically-pleasing plant decor and sandy white pebbles – it slightly feels like we’re dining in a conservatory. But of course, the atmosphere combined with its interior, echoes the wintry vibes. Yet their mission is wonderful: transforming from once a derelict area into a wonderful, unique space that is perfect for catch-ups and food. What more could we certainly demand from such a creative concept.

Appetiser and Lemonade, Bar


Chile Beef Tacos and Chile Fries, DF / Mexico ft. Ramen, Tonkotsu


Featuring five of the best independent eateries in London: from pizza at Made of Dough to ramen at Tonkotsu, I was spoilt for choice, and so after a not-so-brief moment, I decided on Mexican – the ‘Chile Beef’ tacos. The tacos, filled with cuts of beef, avocado and shreds of crunchy slaw, were simply tasty. As if it wasn’t quite spicy enough, I also tried their chilli fries to complement my Mexican fiesta of food. I must admit it was quite different from what I had expected, which was a little too salty with quite a hefty sprinkle of seasoning, but it did accompanied well with the tacos and made it equally scrumptious.

However, if Mexican sounds too overwhelming due to their generous spices, there are other choices to be contemplated from a sufficient variety of cuisines.


So, dine where your taste buds leads you…

Pergola Paddington Central

5 Kingdom Street

London, W2 6PY



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